Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Second Post of the Year... in July

February  FAST FORWARD July.  It must be apparent by now that I'm having a hard time keeping up - not even one photo posted yet this year and we've just passed the halfway mark of the year.  Any time that I have spent in front of the computer has been dedicated to finishing up the 2014-2015 blog book, in which I believe we are still waiting (very patiently, I might add) for Martha to be born.  In July.  2014.  Yes, we're about two years past that point now and I hardly know where to begin.  Our summer is quite booked this year with camping trips, a week at a cottage with my family, and a summer course/seminar for Mike which will take him to Michigan for a few weeks.  My plan is that those weeks will be rainy and gross outside, so that I will want to spend lots of time in the downstairs office working on blogs and blog books.  Isn't that a nice plan?  Please note I am making no promises.  Even if the blog book miraculously gets completed, I am still overwhelmingly behind on the updated online portion of the blog.  All those photos to sift through... and ever since Mike has had a phone with a camera, I've got a double set of photos to look at and choose from.
But I have been telling myself that I need to stop making excuses for not keeping up with these things as they really do get pushed to the back of the priority list.  Standing right before me most of the time I have a husband and four sweet, beautiful little boys growing by leaps and bounds every time I blink or turn around.  Time just goes by so FAST and you can't get it back;  therefore computery time is relegated to the late hours of the night when truth be told, I'd rather be sitting with a book or sleeping.  I've got a few loads of laundry leftover from our camping trip to the Pineries that need to be washed, dried, folded, and put away before we pack up and leave on Friday for our next week away.  I figured that if I am sitting in the basement at the computer, the chances are higher that I won't leave a load of wet laundry to mold away until the next time I need to wash something.
And Mike just came home (at 9:40????) from a meeting, so this latest blog episode comes to its completion.  Someday you will see pictures, just don't hold your breath!

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Lauren said...

At least you're still blogging occasionally - my poor kids are still stuck at Rockpoint in 2015!